Civil & Commercial Litigation

(High Court & Magistrates Court)

Constitutional (fundamental rights) Law; Administrative Law; Construction Law; Mining Law; Labour Law; Law of Meetings and Meeting Procedure; Commercial and Contractual disputes; Property Law; Advertising Law; Telecommunications Law; Aviation Law; Medical Negligence; Public Liability claims; National Credit Act matters, Sectional Title matters; Criminal Law; Family Law; general debt collection.

Drafting, negotiating and


finalizing Commercial Contracts


Multi National Co-operation Agreements; Employment Contracts and the accompanying Policy and Procedure; Construction Agreements; Joint Venture Agreements; Agency and Representation Agreements; Advertising Agreements; Leases; Purchase and Sale Agreements; Options to Purchase; Suretyships; Restraint of Trade Agreements; Acknowledgments of Debt; Shareholder Agreements; Sale of Shares as well as agreements incorporating Confidentiality and Indemnification


Drafting of Legal opinions

in various fields of law including,but not limited to Administrative Law, Construction Law, Aviation Law. All of which incorporated the Constitutional impact on the specific field of Law.


Labour Law

-        Litigated in Labour Court in respect of infringement of the right to freedom of religion and an automatic unfair dismissal.

-        Drafting employment policy and procedure.

-        Prosecuting disciplinary proceedings in respect of misconduct allegations.

-        Defending alleged accused at disciplinary enquiries advancing the right to legal representation on more than occasion.

-        Defending alleged accused at disciplinary enquiry requiring further details as concerns charges and the formulation of


-        Defending alleged accused in circumstances involving the Employment of Educators Act applies.


Law of Contract

Litigated and/or litigating in respect of, inter alia:

-        Whether the removal of questionable advertising constituted a Breach of Contract;

-        Breach of lease;

-        Whether the enforcement of restraint of trade clauses are contrary to public policy;

-        Lease Agreements incorporating elements from the Rental Act;

-        Restraint of Trade;

-        Purchase and sale agreements incorporating application of the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act;

          Loan Agreements incorporating the Law of Negotiable Instruments.


Commercial Law

Litigated and/or litigating in respect of, inter alia:

-        The Law of Meetings and Meeting Procedure, including inter alia:

           (i)    Convening of meetings;

           (ii)   The conduct of persons at meetings;

           (iii)  the conduct of person chairing meeting (disruptions);

           (iv)  where meeting was closed and thereafter purportedly re-opened leading to purported motions of no confidence and   

                  purported removal of Executive Council members.

-        Debatement of Municipal Accounts;

-        Analysing of accounts.


Administrative Law

Litigated and/or litigating in respect of, inter alia:

-        The reviewing and/or setting aside administrative action to bring Rules promulgated in terms Housing Consumer Measures

          Protection Act;

-        Section 9(1) and 9(2) of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000 (“PAJA”);

-        The reviewing and setting aside of an administrative decision (to terminate electricity supply) taken in terms of terms of

          section 6 of PAJA;

-        The reviewing and setting aside of aside of an administrative decision to remove advertising.

-        Internal appeals to various organs of the State, including inter alia to the Gauteng Department of Education and The City of


Immigration Law

   -     Assisted foreign nationals in obtaining the necessary temporary residence permits to either study, take up employment, 

         undergo medical treatment or accompany their spouse.

   -     Facilitated permanent residence applications on various grounds.

   -     Attended at South African agencies abroad, on behalf of local companies, to assist qualified professionals to obtain the                        necessary work permits prior to entering the Republic.

   -     Assisting with appeals and reviews of unsuccessful applications.

   -     Compiling Upliftment of Prohibition applications in order to assist foreign nationals who have been denied access into the                  country to return and take up employment and / or join their spouse.

   -     Assisted asylum seekers and refugees to obtain the necessary permits and subsequent permanent residence .


Conducting due diligence investigations

Administration of Deceased Estates