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Established in 2016, MN Hoosen Attorneys is a progressive law firm, focused on helping its clients achieve the best outcome from legal engagements. With more than 30 years of combined experience we are well-positioned to represent you on, inter alia, any of the following matters:

  • Constitutional Law

  • Administrative Law

  • Law of Contract

  • Commercial Law

  • Administration of Deceased Estates

  • Labour Law

  • Civil & Commercial Litigation

  • Drafting, negotiating, and finalizing Commercial Contracts

  • Drafting of Legal Opinions

  • Conveyancing


Over the past 12 years Mohammed Noushad Hoosen has represented and succeeded in defending various businesses and clients across multiple industries specifically, including, inter alia:

  • Constitutionality of legislation and/or rules and regulation

  • Meetings and meeting procedure

  • Construction

  • Aviation

  • Mining

  • Property

  • Telecommunications

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